Between the third and fourth of February 2000, in northern Kosovo across the river that divides the city into a never-ending conflict between Serbian state authority officials and ethnic Albanians, within two dates late-night and early-morning ten Albanian citizens were executed, twenty-five of them were wounded by firearms, ninety-three of them were physically abused while 11,364.00 other Albanians were forced to migrate from their homes along the month of February 2000 said Council for the Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms – (CDHRF) in Kosovo.

All this ethnic cleansing violent campaign, according to the eyewitnesses was conducted in the presence of International Peacekeeping Forces of NATO (IPF-NATO-KFOR), whose mandate was guaranteed to serve and provide safe and security environment for all citizens of Kosovo, within the Kosovo administrative line, which is now thirteen years within the territorial borderline of Serbia.